Missile Cruiser X 12



First Introduced: Lightning Raid (Dec. 12-19, 2012)

Points Required: 13,000,000 (4,500,000 for the MC-X but required you to earn the Missile Cruiser and Siege Missiles D55-F for 6,000,000 and 2,500,000 respectively)


The Missile Cruiser X is the big brother of the Missile Cruiser and one of the most powerful hulls in the game. It excels at virtually every aspect of the game.

Special Abilities

  • Penetrating Reload +65%: This reduces the reload time of all equipped penetrating weapons by 65%. This stacks with the Rank reload bonus for up to a total of 90%. Calculated as: originalReloadTime / 1.65
  • Flak Evade Bonus +30%: This increases the chance that an equipped weapon that would normally be destroyed by a Flak will survive instead by 30%. It is currently unknown whether the weapon must perform this check for every Flak that is fired at it or just once for all Flaks. This bonus stacks with any Flak evasion bonus on an equipped weapon (Currently only the Siege Rocket D95-F and Siege Missile D55-F have this ability) for up to a total of 64%.
  • Retargetable: True: This allows missiles that are in-flight to switch targets in mid-air if their original target is destroyed. It also allows missiles to hit submerged subs. This ability was previously only available by equipping any level Laser Targeting special. Note that this ability does not increase the accuracy of penetrating weapons like Laser Targeting does.

Vs Bases

Obviously intended to be built using the new D55-F Siege Missiles (which every MC-X owner must also own), this will boast approximately 55% Flak Evasion. Combined with either Solid Fuel Boosters 3 or Missile System 3, they will be capable of out-ranging both Howitzer Cannons and Cerberus Rockets. Enemy bases will be forced to rely on Sentinel Missiles, Victory Mortars, Halo Missiles and their guard fleet to inflict damage.

The MC-X has high built-in resistance to penetrating damage (40%), meaning Sentinels and Halo Missiles will be much less effective. Hailstorms will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of Victory Mortars, meaning a base’s only real defense against the MC-X will be a ballistic or sub guard fleet. Unfortunately, the MC-X can have up to 61% evade, making both of these far less of a threat.

With its high damage output, ability to bypass Flaks and ability to circumvent every form of counter-measure currently in the game, the Missile Cruiser X is, in my opinion, the most powerful base-attacking hull in the game. I would even rank it higher than the mighty Dreadnought X. Plus, it has almost double the cargo capacity of the Dreadnought X, meaning you get a lot more loot.

Recommended for attacking bases: YES

As a Guard

I’ve found missile fleets to be extremely useful in guard fleets as many attackers focus on either explosive or ballistic protection. Missiles also offer the longest range of all ship-based weapons and solid DPS. As the MC-X is the best hull for anything missile-based, it’s only logical that it be considered as a guard ship as well. A standard auto-salvage build should work quite nicely, although it could be improved by adding in some evade and additional resistances.

Recommended as a guard fleet: YES

Vs Player-Controlled Fleets

Many are saying the FvF is dead and with this thing roaming the seas, that may very likely be true. Missiles have always been one of the deadliest FvF weapons due to their range, accuracy and good damage output. The increased reload speed boosts DPS by 65% while the retargetable ability not only allows the MC-X to hit submerged subs but also frees up a special slot by making Missile System 3 a viable option. Granted, you lose a little bit of range but unless your opponent is the world’s best pilot, that’s not likely to make a big difference.

Like with base attacks, high evade makes the MC-X a very tough opponent. When equipped with Guidance Scrambler 3, Engine System 3 and 4x Evade armor, you get a decently fast ship that can dodge missiles, cannons and torpedoes with the best of them. Even subs will have a hard time taking down a fleet of these, especially if they get close enough to be detected.

Even the same Siege Missile build you’d use on a base can work very well in FvF if using Missile System 3, making this one of the few hulls that can not only level a base but then defend itself against any sector police that try to ambush you on the way out.

Recommended for FvF: YES

Vs Salvages

The MC-X has enough weapon and special slots that it can be used as an auto-salvager, or you can use the Siege Missile base build to kite. You’ll have less margin for error with the latter, and likely will need Engine System 3, but it should be possible to take level 40 and 51 salvages for no damage.

The MC-X should also do well against Elite Salvages, although it would sustain minor damage as it cannot out-range the SFB3 missile ships. This is about the only area where the DN-X has a clear advantage over the MC-X.

Recommended for Salvages: YES

In Raids

It’s been hinted that the Storm/Lightning series of events has come to an end, indicating a new type of event will begin in January. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine how well the MC-X will fare but given that speed, range and DPS have all been key factors in all previous events, I would expect the MC-X to do very well.

The standard Siege Missile base build will allow the MC-X to deal heavy damage to both buildings and fleets, while the high evade protects it from the missiles, cannons and torpedoes. Hailstorms will shut down any mortars and the range of the Siege Missiles will protect it from rockets. This will make the MC-X the ideal choice for any Hub/Outpost-style event.

Missiles, however, are not nearly as effective against Typhoons, due to the high number of enemy ships. While the MC-X would offer the best chance of any missile-based ship, the strategy as a whole is not recommended. Of course, you can still use it with other weapons, such as Siege Cannons or Assault Cannons, but there are other hulls better suited for those weapons.

Overall, though, having a fleet of these in your arsenal during an event can only help and with the high cargo capacity, you should be able to carry enough resources to cover your repairs.

Recommended for Raids: YES

Suggested Builds

Standard Siege Missile Build:

  • Weapons:
    • 2x Siege Missile D55-F
    • 4x Hailstorm A
  • Armor:
    • 4x D3-E
  • Specials
    • Guidance Scrambler 3
    • Speed System 3 / Compound Armor D5-X / Layered Armor 3
    • Missile System 3

Note: Speed System 3 is recommended if using primarily for raids or FvF. If using mostly for base attacks, Compound Armor D5-X or Layered Armor 3 is recommended.

Auto-Salvage Build:

  • Weapons:
    • 4x Assault Missile (any variety, although a mix of D53-R and D53-C is generally best)
    • 2x Hailstorm C
  • Armor:
    • 4x D2-N / 4x D2-E
  • Specials
    • Solid Fuel Boosters 3 / Missile System 3
    • Laser Targeting 3 / Guidance Scrambler 3
    • Hull Streamlining 3 / Compound Armor D5-X

Note: I’m not entirely certain that Missile System 3 will provide enough range to kill the flagship in level 40 salvages before it can fire its missiles. SFB3 definitely does, however. If using SFB3, Laser Targeting is required for the additional accuracy. Hull Streamlining 3 and 4x D2-E allow the fleet to quickly get to the next salvage while D2-E and Guidance Scrambler 3 allow for more versatility in FvF.

12 thoughts on “Missile Cruiser X

  1. Reply Dan Dec 19, 2012 9:55 PM

    I suppose the old notion of using the Strike missiles with the siege to eat up the flak isn’t needed anymore with the Flak evasion bonuses built in. What about using one of these with say 6 D53- Assault Missiles and sfb3 as a base defender role? Much like using the Strike Cruiser with Assault mortars and Hailstorms plays to its strengths.

    • Reply betterpirates Dec 19, 2012 10:13 PM

      I just realized I had forgotten to talk about it in a defender’s role. I’ve added in that section now.

  2. Reply Johan Dec 21, 2012 10:35 AM

    Thanks for contributing!

    I have seen this fleet in action in Base and it is real tight getting all the way to last WH in 5 minutes. So how to get a bit more speed without sacrificing dx5, evade or range….?
    Would switching 2 evade armor to speed armor ruin evade effect?

    All these details ;-)

    • Reply betterpirates Dec 21, 2012 11:09 AM

      If you’re referring to the video of UR-NOT-DOING-IT-RIGHT, there was no prep involved in that hit, which added a couple extra minutes to the time needed to get all the way through. If he wanted to play it a bit safer, he easily could have prepped the guards and a few towers and then leveled the base with plenty of time to spare.

  3. Reply Chaos Dec 23, 2012 5:49 AM

    I m using 3 speed armor on mines. I can take most of the base to ground whitout prep. The only base type that i cant even damage more than 30% was multiple halos and golies. Need to build an another 1 with 5xassault, 1 hails for preping. So 4 all other use, its just awesome. I can sunk the 3 – 4 guarding fls in fvf and still be able to do 100 % of the base.

  4. Reply Dan Jan 14, 2013 12:43 PM

    This seems like as good of a place to ask this particular feature question since we are dealing with the Top Missile Hull in the game. How does the Laser Guidance or Missile System Special work against the High evade builds? The specific point and question relates to the use of SFB3 + LG3 and D53- Assault missiles Vs a High Evade type attacker. Since the D53 assault missiles have a “base” accuracy of 75% and LG3 gives a 60% boost to accuracy. Question is, do we hit the wall at 100% or does the game allow for over 100% values in this case? (which I have as being a 120% for those 2 combined,in the case of Missile System 3 I get 105%) A high evade opponent build knocks off say 50% (some hulls it can be as high as 60%) but it would be significant if it was coming off a max of 100% vs say the 120% LG3 enhanced accuracy. Wondering what the answer in this might be.

    • Reply betterpirates Jan 14, 2013 8:34 PM

      It’s impossible to say for sure without knowing exactly how evade is calculated (ie, whether it gets applied before or after the missiles roll to hit). I rarely see my Assault Missiles + LT3 miss, but I also rarely fight them against high-evade opponents.

  5. Reply Dan Feb 6, 2013 4:00 PM

    Just tossing this out as food for thought. For the base hitter build, are you better served with the re-searchable “Missile system 3″ or the new Weekly event prize the ‘Strike System 3″. Both give you the same range, and since the MCX has built in Retargeting, is the combat speed difference worth the accuracy increase trade off? Boils down to a 40% accuracy boost vs 6 more Combat Speed. (ok and 12 higher map speed). It is true that the Siege Missile base accuracy is a low 60% so its a valid argument that the accuracy boost is certainly helpful.

    • Reply betterpirates Feb 6, 2013 7:06 PM

      Depends on what you’re using it for. For base attacks and events, I prefer Missile System since the extra accuracy helps take out guards, especially ones with high evade. If I need the combat speed, I’ll probably add Speed System in a second slot so I can have the best of both worlds.

      For Assault Missile builds, Strike System becomes more attractive since AMs don’t really need the extra accuracy (it helps but isn’t essential).

  6. Reply Patrick Apr 25, 2013 12:41 PM

    I did not get the MCX the first time, or any top tier prize. So with that in mind, I did not get the siege missile f, so I do not have that available to me. Now, what I have been considering a viable option, is a 3 boat fleet, with 4 siege missiles on each boat and 2 antimort b’s per boat be a viable option for hitting halo bases? It should take about 2 volleys of missiles to kill a turret, if my math is right

    • Reply Patrick Apr 26, 2013 10:19 AM

      Sorry, I just realized i worded that poorly. My fleet build has 4 d4m for armour, 4 siege missile e (the only siege missile i have) and 2 antimortar b for weapons, and the specials are d5x, gs3, and strike system 3. There would be 3 to the fleet. Would this setup be effective in a level 50-55ish bases? I realize its major weakness is that there are only 3 boats, but my logic behind all my builds is to max out the weight of a ship, and that strategy has worked for me for a long time, just haven’t really used missiles before so I have to ask.

  7. Reply Dave C May 3, 2013 11:04 PM

    I picked up the MCX on a recent Raid. I still haven’t been able to find a Seige Missile blueprint anywhere.Is there some secret to obtaining one? I’m a Level 53.

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