Dreadnought X 11



First Introduced: Storm Warning (Aug. 30 – Sept. 4, 2012) – Tier 5 Quota Prize

Second Offering: Lightning Raid (Dec. 12-19, 2012)

Points Required: 7,500,000 (for both events)


The Dreadnought X is the big brother of the Dreadnought, king of mortar fleets and one of the most powerful hulls in the game. It is most commonly used for reducing bases to smoldering craters.

Special Abilities

  • Mortar Reload +65%: Reduces the reload time of all equipped mortar weapons by 65%. This stacks with the Rank reload bonus for up to a total of 90%. Calculated as: listedReloadTime / (1.65 + (0.05 * numRanks))
  • Spread -30%: Reduces the spread of all equipped weapons that have spread by 30% of the listed value.  This currently includes mortars and rockets. Stacks with Electronic Range Finder for a total of up to -60%. Calculated as listedSpread * (1 – 0.3 – electronicRangeFinderValue).
  • Splash +25%: Increases the splash radius of all equipped weapons that have splash by 25% of the listed value. This currently includes all mortars and rockets, as well as the Siege Cannon D35-S. Stacks with High Explosive Shells for a bonus of up to 75%. Calculated as listedSplash * (1.25 + highExplosiveShellsValue).

Vs Bases

As mortars have often been the favoured weapon of base attacking, it is no surprise that the DN-X is one of the most feared hulls in the game. The increased mortar reload speed launches shells so quickly that it can be difficult for base defenses to keep up. The increased splash is absolutely devastating when combined with High Explosive Shells 3 and high-splash weapons, such as the Siege Mortar D75-S. In fact, that combination has a total splash radius of 31.5, which is slightly more than one-and-a-half land tiles. This is enough that it will heavily damage all nearby turrets and even guard ships in the waters near the impact point.

As with all mortar fleets, the DN-X can out-range Howitzer Cannons and Cerberus Rockets, leaving Sentinels, Victory Mortars, Halo Missiles and the guard fleet as the only sources of damage for the defending base. Most DN-X builds include 4-6 Hailstorms, making Victory Mortars near-useless. They can also have up to 54% evade, which dramatically reduces effectiveness of Sentinels and any cannon, missile or torpedo-based guards. The 4th special slot is often used for an armor special, reducing damage taken even further.

The DN-X is also very useful as a blitz fleet, especially with its faster combat and turn speeds (compared to the Dreadnought) and increased splash. When armed with D35-S Siege Cannons, it can zip by defenses and quickly destroy turrets and walls.

With its very high damage output and strong defenses, the DN-X is among the most powerful base-attacking hulls in the game, second only to the Missile Cruiser X. Its cargo capacity is moderate, typically allowing for just enough resources to cover repairs.

Recommended for attacking bases: YES

As a Guard

Many bases rely heavily on Victory Mortars to deal damage to their enemies, which often requires a minimum of five in order to overwhelm enemy anti-mortars. The Dreadnought X can provide substantial assistance with its increased reload speed and splash. Armed with Assault Mortars and/or Shockwaves, it can easily match the output of two VMs, making it absolutely deadly to attacking fleets. See Using Your Dreadnought X to Help Out VMs for more details.

Recommended as a guard fleet: YES

Vs Player-Controlled Fleets

Mortars typically don’t fare very well against player-controlled fleets due to the long flight time and low accuracy. Fast enemies can easily outrun them. However, the increased splash can make a D35-S Siege Cannon-equipped fleet quite deadly. While there are plenty of builds that can hold their own in FvF, there are generally better hulls for each type of build you would use.

Recommend for FvF: NO

Vs Salvages

Salvages are a slightly different story. Because they run on AI, they are unable to kite you and will simply chase you down. This allows you to use mortar kiting and with the increased reload speed and splash, you can chew through the enemy ships pretty quickly.

Mortars are also one of the only weapons that are capable of killing SFB3-equipped ships before they get in range. As long as such ships are trailing another ship, the DN-X can fire at the lead ship and have the mortars hit the SFB3 ship without it getting a chance to fire back. This makes the DN-X ideal for handling Elite Salvages.

Recommended for Salvages: YES

In Raids

Mortars have been a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to events. They typically haven’t worked too well due to their long flight time and low accuracy but the DN-X’s special abilities make them far more effective. There are plenty of videos showing how the DN-X can even handle Typhoons and Operations Hubs with relative ease. While not necessarily the best builds for events, they work surprisingly well. In fact, you can see a video of me hitting a level 65 Operations Hub with them here.

It is unknown how well they would do in future event types but they certainly wouldn’t hurt to have available.

Recommended for Raids: YES

Suggested Builds

Siege Mortar/Shockwave Base Fleet: Ultimate Shipyard Link

  • Weapons:
    • 1x Siege Mortar D75-S
    • 3x Shockwave Mortar D71-L
    • 4x Hailstorm A
  • Armor:
    • 4x D2-E
  • Specials:
    • High Explosive Shells 3
    • Guidance Scrambler 3
    • Ion Thrusters 3
    • Ablative Armor 2 / Reactive Armor 2 / Compound Armor D5-X

Note: AA2 is useful if expecting to be overwhelmed with VMs. If expecting to face Halos or other missiles, RA2 is recommended. CA-X is useful when expecting multiple damage types or if uncertain of what types of damage you will face.

Siege Cannon Blitz Fleet:

  • Weapons:
    • 8x Siege Cannon D35-S
  • Armor:
    • 2x D3-E
    • 2x D4-E / 2x D3-E
  • Specials:
    • Speed System 3 / Engines 3
    • Ablative Armor 3 / Ablative Armor 2 / Compound Armor D5-X
    • Guidance Scrambler 3
    • Hull Streamlining 3 / Ion Thrusters 3

Note: If using Engines 3 and Ion Thrusters 3, you will need to use 4x D3-E and either AA2 or CA-X in order to fit five in a fleet.

11 thoughts on “Dreadnought X

  1. Reply Prodigal Dec 30, 2012 10:41 AM

    Hi, I do not have Hailstorm A. I only have Hailstorm C. Can I use that or do I go with Hellstorms, and if so which ones and how many.


    • Reply betterpirates Dec 30, 2012 2:56 PM

      Hailstorm C will not fit. The only substitute would be Hellstorm 1 but those are horribly inefficient.

      Instead, I would suggest losing the Siege Mortar and going straight Shockwaves to save on weight. You could do 6x Shockwave and 2x Hailstorm C instead, keeping the same specials and armor.

  2. Reply Ira Dec 30, 2012 2:03 PM

    Using the DNX in a raid against Typhoon fleets. I can take to a 55 with one fleet and about half damage. I use 2 DNX with Shock L and 3 SC with ripper4. I find that the reload with 2 DNX is able to stay ahead of the drone ship reload.

  3. Reply Bill Jan 29, 2013 5:49 PM

    Your build for DredX mortar fleet works well! Great job!

  4. Reply Ken Feb 6, 2013 9:26 AM

    What about a base that has halos, are these too slow to get in to kill the base?

    • Reply betterpirates Feb 6, 2013 6:54 PM

      Depends on the number of Halos but generally, yes, they’re too slow. I’d recommend building a separate fleet that loads up on penetrating resistance that you can dedicate to Halo-heavy bases.

  5. Reply Fred Feb 9, 2013 4:39 PM

    How effective would DNX be as a mortar blitz? If 8 shocks were used for instance, perhaps explosive system3 to tighten up the spread, engine system, AA, GS, evade armour…..

    Im thinking with the speed of the ship you could rush cerbs letting VMs drop behind. You’d take some damage from cerbs & howies though.

    But a build like this would render VMs and halos harmless if driven right so then theres only 8 guns left, 3 of which might be bombards, leaving 5 damaging guns. With the fast reload of DNX and the help of a pinch maybe 2 or 3 of them could be killed before they get too many shots off.

    • Reply Patrick Apr 26, 2013 9:56 AM

      A dread mortar blitz is very effective, when used right, however what I do with all mortars no antimortars is to use it on halo bases. Because the cerb does 3 times the damage than the halo, and reloads about 3 times quicker, you take more damage from cerbs. So, if you put reactive armor, the halos will weaken, thus doing les damage to you, then if you use 4 D4-C armours, goliaths will have less of an effect. Then use electronic range finder with shockwave a mortars, you max out your damage , and it takes 2 volleys of mortars to kill a turret. I have few problems with my fleet which this setup, except when confronted with vms, which I quickly back away from

  6. Reply Highlander May 13, 2013 12:11 AM

    I’m currently building a DX bad boy for my base specs are

    8 x Ripper 4s
    Auto LOader 3
    Sonar 3
    Hard Barrel 3
    4 x D4-M

    11,100 armour with a building damage of 1872

  7. Reply Earthen May 27, 2013 8:58 AM

    This site completely inactive now? Has been no word or update for months :(

  8. Reply fitsw6 Jul 24, 2013 11:04 AM

    How do I obtain 1?

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