Words to the Wise: Why You Should Build An Arbiter Now

Top of the morning!

A lot of people are hating on the newly released Tactical Lab and Arbiter. While I think that hatred is mostly unfounded, I also think that you would be very wise to get an Arbiter out as soon as possible. I would also start researching at least the level one versions of the Subsonic Cavitator and Engine Disruptor Tactical Modules. You want to be able to have a functioning Arbiter by the weekend of August 23-27 because that’s when I believe the next event will take place.

Do I have any facts to support that date? No, I don’t. It’s pure speculation but there are a few bits of evidence that point to it:

  • Kixeye has stated on their website that Battle Pirates has monthly events. The 23-27 is that last full weekend of August.
  • There has been increased Community Manager chatter on the forums, portraying a high level of excitement and anticipation. This kind of activity is usually indicative of something being close to completion.
  • The CMs have suggested that the Tactical Modules coupled with the new event will create a whole new experience. The wording suggests the Tactical Lab will be instrumental in the new event. Since the Lab has been released, it follows that the event can’t be too far behind.
  • I just have a gut feeling. Call me crazy but these gut feelings have turned out correct more often than not.

Do I know what kind of event this is going to be? No. There have been zero hints as to its nature other than it should be epic. My best guess would be full-fledged Draconian Bases that we’ve been waiting oh-so-long for but it could also be something else. Either way, newly released technology has almost always played a pivotal role in new events.

For example, Solid Fuel Boosters came out just weeks before the first Base Invaders. Most people had an incredibly difficult time with that event because the cannons on the platforms outranged everything but SFB3 Assault Missiles. My SFB3 FFs carried me through that event and won me the Dreadnought. If I didn’t have that technology, there’s no way I would have won. I believe we can expect something similar with this new event and that’s why I think the Arbiter is not only worth building but it’s worth putting at the top of your to-build list.

So crank out an empty Arbiter, build that Tactical Lab and get researching modules. I’m not 100% sure which module would be most useful but if you have the Arbiter all ready to go, it shouldn’t take too long to refit with the module when the time comes. In fact, I might make two of them, one for each type of module so that I only need to refit the module on, not the rest of it. I’m currently planning to outfit my Arbiters with Guidance Scrambler 3, 2x D2-E armour and a Havoc 4. The second special will either be Sonar Pod 3 or Engines 3, depending on which Tactical Module I install.

The way I see it, if I’m wrong and the Arbiters aren’t of any use during the event, then you can still use them for other things so you haven’t really wasted all that time. Odds are that unless you’re just finishing up a super awesome fleet, the week that you’ve spent building the Arbiters likely wouldn’t have otherwise helped you prepare for the event so I don’t believe it’s a huge gamble.

Until next time,

– Andrew

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